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My Infrared experience started in 1980 at college. Remote sensing and satellite imagery courses led to my attending the first offered Infrared Training Seminar at Inframetrics in Bedford Mass. Staying active with IR technology applications through the years and attending every IR Training Course known to man (over 34 total for me to date) and along with attending a lot of building science courses led to a first IR camera purchase, an original FLIR® E-4 model. That E-4 started things rolling and I have performed over a 1000 IR and Gas Imaging Surveys, and have contracted work with over 350 companies and private individuals.

Over the years I have attended the InfraMation Conference sponsored by the Infrared Training Center (ITC) and FLIR Systems® and that has become an annual event for me since 2002. I have written four papers for various year publications in the Conference Proceedings and I have presented two of them to Conference Audiences.

One paper was on ‘Cold Air in Boston’ and the other paper was on ‘Loading Rack Emission Surveys’. I have also displayed poster presentations on 'HVAC Leak Damage', and on an 'IR Eval for a Cambridge Envelope Rehab' as IR applications for that Conference. Attending InfraMation, as well as attending the United Infrared Thermal Infrared Conference (TIC) has been a blast! Just attending these events is a great learning experience when you are an infrared enthusiast…like me.

Web based articles I write for this website, and recently, an hour long webinar sponsored by the ITC relative to performing IR Surveys and the ‘Cold Air in Boston’ paper was presented to an Infrared Training Center based web audience from the ITC production studio in Nashua. Thanks ITC for having me there.

Inframation Convention Las Vegas
An InfraMation Presentation
The United Infrared
The United Infrared Conference

®HSX IR camera which visually locates gas leak vapors, petroleum, natural gas and hydrocarbon types or voc gases (volatile organic compounds). ExxonMobil, Gulf Oil, Buckeye Corp, National Grid, Bradford Industries, along with environmental companies like ENTEC and Roux Associates use us for their vapor leak survey work. We’ve upgraded our OGI Camera to a newer model, the GF320. And, with our customized gas leak reporting we provide a video report that is second to none. From our gas leak work we are also TWIC Compliant which allows Port, Ship and Terminal access.

optical gas imaging for ExxonMobil
OGI Terminal Rack Scanning
for ExxonMobil
optical gas imaging Hudson River for Global
OGI Scanning on the Hudson River
for Global

A new FLIR Systems® T660 IR camera was added to our IR camera inventory. It has 640x480 image resolution which is phenomenal in a commercial work camera. The image quality is ‘the best in the industry’ with added UltraMax imagery for 4x better image quality and finer detail, MSX imagery that etches key visible details onto the IR image, and thermal picture in a picture which overlaps the IR image with the digital picture. These are powerful features not found in typical infrared cameras. I feel this is one of FLIR’s best commercial applications use IR camera. It’s a noticeable IR image difference which is why we are using it.

Flir's T660 Infrared Camera
FLIR’s T660, with 640x480
Image Resolution
T660 Infrared Imaging
Dave, in a Mirror Image View
Using the New T660

Drone Infrared Services are offered. Our Aerial Infrared Applications Services are up and running along with regular aerial videotaping inspection services. Each job is qualified on an individual basis and we partner with BIRDSiVIDEO to fly the scanning. Sawyer Infrared also has our own FAA COA permit and exemption number. All Federal certification requirements are covered. So if you have a roof scanned that’s particularly challenging, a building façade, or solar field in need of Infrared Imaging give us a call and we’ll quote it out for you.

In addition to our regular Infrared Services that include, water & Leak detection, roof surveys, electrical & mechanical surveys, Optical Gas Imaging, commercial building IR, residential building IR and aerial infrared services we’ve added two complimentary services to our Infrared business. These are video imaging of enclosed spaces and Ultrasound detection services. We are excited to offer these to you and they resulted from service requests we’ve received but did not offer prior to this. With the video imaging services we purchased two systems from Wohler and we’ll offer video imaging of enclosed spaces, ducts and pipes. Compressed air leaks detection services will be initially offered using Ultrasound detection equipment from UE Systems. Complementary services are part of the Infrared Experience I’m encountering, so we’ll see how it goes. And, we’ll keep evolving until we get it right! Right for us. So, today and for our companies IR inspection and consulting future we will continue to keep up with an improving and evolving Infrared Technology environment that introduces better quality equipment, improved reporting capabilities and changing market applications. Recently I became an expert witness testifying on Thermal Imaging in Superior Court and that was an unsolicited occurrence, it just happened. Infrared Technology is everywhere and constantly evolving in application uses.
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ITC L3 TIR, BST, OGI, TWIC Compliant

The ITC L3 TIR means I received Level 3 (or Level III) Thermal Infrared (TIR) certification training from the Infrared Training Center. CBST is Certified Building Science Thermographer. OGI is Optical Gas Imaging Thermographer. And, TWIC Compliant signifies I have a Transportation Worker Identification Credential issued by the Transportation Security Administration for unescorted access to secure port facilities, outer continental shelf facilities, and vessels regulated under the Maritime Security Act of 2002.

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