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Commercial Building IR Surveys

Structural Issues, Electrical & Mechanical Systems Surveys, Water Intrusion & Leak Detection, Heat Loss & Insulation Issues, Radiant Heating Systems, Roofing, Exterior Facades & the Building Envelope, Steam Systems

Commercial and Industrial Building IR Survey

commercial IR boston ma
Brick Commercial Building Facade

The bulk of our business, aside from OGI work, are our commercial accounts providing building IR applications. From the roof to the foundation infrared provides you by far the best dollar value for the visual inspection of your commercial or industrial property. We show you the problems, as well as the non-issues of a particular situation giving you a thermal perspective you can’t obtain through traditional inspection methods. And, you receive a report where you are shown, visually, the issues you may want to address.

commercial IR boston ma
Office Building Facade

Infrared is the technology application you should strongly consider when having your property inspected or in utilizing a specific IR application for your building’s or facility situation. For building envelope surveys, water issues, HVAC system assessments, electrical surveys and more, commercial building owners and facility managers realize the importance IR inspections provide them. In cost savings and in knowing the exact location of problems for corrective actions, for planning and budgeting projects, as well as the visual proof provided in a documented report. These considerations are huge for today’s building professionals when obtaining their infrared surveys. Other inspection methods fall short of this thoroughness. Our reporting provides you with IR images, digital pictures if necessary, and an interpretive analysis of your IR images to tell you what exactly the IR camera see’s - thermally. We also have the capability to combine multiple IR images, horizontally or vertically, put together to give you one big picture and a better perspective of your thermal situation. The image below is a combination of three separate images ‘stitched together. Visit our Reporting Page to view reporting examples.

commercial IR boston ma
Three Image Office Building Facade View

Structural Examples

commercial IR boston
commercial IR boston
Figure 1
Figure 2

Electrical - Mechanical Examples

commercial IR boston ma
commercial IR boston
Figure 3. Fuses
Figure 4. Panel

Water Intrusion Examples

commercial IR boston ma
commercial IR brookline ma
Figure 5. Public Building
Figure 6. Hotel Ceiling

Heat Loss Examples
We provide you a qualitative or quantitative analysis depending on the application situation.

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commercial IR cambridge ma
Figure 7. Heat Loss (in yellow)
Figure 8. Cold Air Infiltration
(at Bay Door)

Energy Efficiency and Commercial Buildings
The United States accounts for approximately 70 billion square feet of commercial building space and there is an immediate need to make our nation’s buildings more energy efficient. There a number of ways to reduce energy costs associated with your commercial building. The most cost effective method is to first have an Infrared survey done on your building. Infrared is quick, thorough and provides you visual documentation of your building’s deficiencies.

Radiant Heat Examples

commercial IR boston ma
commercial IR wellesley
Figure 9. Ramp to Parking Garage
Figure 10. Restaurant Building Flooring

Roofing – Façade Examples
Visit our IR Roofing Surveys page for further details on roofing applications.

commercial IR boston ma
commercial IR newton ma
Figure 11. Insulation Issue (water)
Figure 12. Stucco Issue (water)

Underground Steam System Examples
IR is the perfect survey application for steam systems.

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commercial IR gloucester ma
Figure 13.
Figure 14.

Refrigeration Construction Examples
The Figure 15 Image shows cold in blue coming through this market’s freezer wall. While Figure 16 shows heat infiltration to a larger freezer storage unit in yellow.

commercial IR boston area
commercial IR boston
Figure 15.
Figure 16.

If you have a commercial building or facility problem you are not sure of how to correct, you probably need more information to make an informed decision. Consider infrared as the visual survey tool you need to help you obtain the information necessary to make those informed decisions.

Contact Us for a free quote and to discuss your commercial building or facility’s thermal application.

“See what you can’t see – with a Commercial Building IR Survey!”


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