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Aerial IR - The Drone

In 2015 we were granted a Section 333 Exemption by the FAA to use a Drone for aerial imaging, utilizing Infrared, and we will also provide regular aerial videotaping services as well. As soon as our UAV system is ready we will be offering additional aerial infrared applications and aerial options to our existing IR applications. New aerial videotaping services will be added as well. We’re excited about our new Drone venture so check back, we’ll keep you informed.

COA# FAA-2015-4215
FAA Section 333 Exemption #13895
With our FAA authorization to use a drone for infrared aerial imagery we will also use it for videotaping inspections.

Drone Surveys will be used for roofing applications, solar panel surveys, windmill surveys, electric transmission line surveys, pole transformer surveys, agricultural and terrain surveys, building facades, and these are just some drone applications. Also event surveillance, security monitoring, emergency condition videoing, search and rescue, high structure inspections and anything else that is requested requiring aerial services. We plan on using a FLIR® A-65 Infrared Camera platform (on right) to complement our custom UAV system.

drone IR camera

Right now we are looking at a tethered UAV system. Mainly because we are looking for the height advantage primarily, and that’s our advantage utilizing Infrared…getting the height. Below is a sneak peek of the system we are looking at. As soon as we have more information we will update the Aerial IR page and share more information on services. Also offered will be non-infrared Aerial Video Services.

drone in the sky boston area

Drones are the new rage for Infrared uses. Making it fit your application services will determine its success.



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