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IR Electrical Surveys

Electrical and Mechanical IR Surveys, Documented Reporting with
Repair Verification

We perform IR Electrical Survey work for Electrical Contracting Companies, Building Management Firms, Manufacturing Facilities, Building Contractors, Petrochemical Facilities and other commercial client’s at their sites or their customer’s locations. Typically we perform one to five days of on-site services inspecting up to 140 to 150 electrical items per day. We then put each inspection item in a comprehensive report providing temperature differences in Celsius on an IR image, a comparative digital picture. If a fault criteria is met we rate it to NETA Standards. We use a separate summary page listing faults in order of importance. Our report pages allow for repairs performed to be included in the report at a later date after the corrective action is finished.

We use FLIR ® Reporter 8.5 and their reporting electrical template for our IR Electrical Surveys. You receive a professionally prepared and documented report for company preventive and predictive maintenance programs or insurance compliance.

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Figure 1. Fuses
Figure 2. Breaker Connections

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electrical inspections cambridge area
Figure 3. Circuit Breakers
Figure 4. Transformer

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Figure 5. Expanded Panel View
Figure 6. Another 'stitched image' Panel

Figures 5 and 6 show our IR image building capabilities where we combine one or more IR images.

The IR Electrical Images seen above represent the image seen and taken from our FLIR ® cameras without temperature measurements and related markings like arrows or area boxes. Temperature measurements, related markings and relevant survey information will be in your prepared report. We don’t take amperage or voltage readings at the components, that’s left to your electrical contractor or house electrician. We provide your IR Electrical Survey with the report documentation, you make repairs and corrective actions to your standards and timetable with your electrical personnel.

You Win
The benefits of having our IR Electrical Survey:
Locate anomalies and ‘hot spots’ in electrical systems you normally wouldn’t see.
IR allows for accurate temperature variation measurements.
IR reduces downtime by finding electrical problems quickly.
IR Electrical Surveys reduce unscheduled outages and their losses.
Locate and repair electrical problems before they happen.
Help reduce electrical energy costs by gaining insight to increasing energy efficiency.
Increase your company’s efficiency having a solid electrical maintenance program.
It allows you to compare your IR surveys for later repairs and considerations.
We document electrical faults for you to take corrective action.
IR Electrical Surveys allow you to comply with Insurance Company requirements.
You save time using an advanced technology application.
And, you save money with the efficiency of operation you’ll gain with the implementation of an IR Electrical Survey.

“See what you can’t see – with an IR Electrical Survey!”

IR Mechanical Surveys
IR Mechanical Surveys alert you to the inevitable failure of mechanical systems caused by excessive heat or fatigue. Infrared allows you to document a visible thermal image for reporting or warranty purposes, and for necessary repair considerations.

electrical inspections boston area
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Figure 7. Pulleys and Motors
Figure 8. Pumps

You Win Again
Benefit from our IR Mechanical Survey by identifying overheated equipment.
You reduce the risks, costs and liability associated with a catastrophic failure.
IR provides you a predictive maintenance program (PdM) avoiding unscheduled and costly repairs.
IR Mechanical Surveys save you time and money!

“See what you can’t see – with an IR Mechanical Survey!”


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