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IR Roof Surveys

Commercial Flat Roof and Residential Roof System Surveys,
Water Location and Heat Loss Scanning

We survey low slope, also called ‘flat’, roof systems with an infrared camera to give you ‘visual images’ of any water damage found on your building’s roof. Low slope (flat) roof systems using EPDM are the typical surface material surveyed in manufacturing buildings, warehouses, office buildings, retail structures as well in larger housing unit buildings.

With the IR camera we use either a wide angle or standard sized lens depending upon the roof size and application to locate any thermally seen moisture patterns. These thermal patterns jump right out at you appearing on the IR camera’s view finder showing you a higher temperature reading than that of the roof’s dry areas. Refer to the IR images below.

IR roof surveys boston ma
IR roof surveys boston area
IR roof surveys cambridge ma

IR roof surveys newton ma
IR roof surveys peabody ma
IR roof surveys waltham ma

The lighter colored areas are of higher temperature and indicate the wet areas found just under the surface roofing material.

IR roof surveys needham ma

The top and bottom image is made by ‘stitching’ two separate IR images together for a whole-roof sectional view. The lighter colored areas are all wet roof sections.

IR roof surveys natick ma

Replace or repair? Infrared lets the client make an informed decision. Three separate images are stitched together here for an even more complete roof section view. This larger IR image shows the client and their contractor just how badly this roof needed replacement. Twelve buildings were done at this site and they all had similar issues.

Typically our ‘walk over’ roof surveys are done at night. However, circumstances in facilities where the underside of the roof is visible like in arenas, sporting facilities warehouses, industrial facilities, churches, and larger public buildings using a ‘walk under’ method of IR inspection can also be performed. See the below images.

IR roof surveys medford ma
IR roof surveys worcester ma
IR roof surveys saugus ma

Above are IR image examples of a roof ‘walk under’ inspection. A sporting complex (L), church (M), and warehouse (R).

We have performed multi-facility roofing surveys as well as surveying larger jobs of over 150,000 square foot on manufacturing building roof systems. Companies that have utilized our Infrared Roofing Services include the U.S. Government, the State of Massachusetts, the State of Rhode Island, Cities and town municipalities, private companies like Teradyne and Bristol-Myer Squibb, roofing contractors, roofing manufacturers, School Districts private and public, privately held warehouse owners, and more. These are just some of the examples of infrared roofing surveys that we have been fortunate enough to have been involved in.

Our roof reports will cover your whole-roof survey and not just the damaged areas, unless requested. We thoroughly document your roof’s infrared survey for you. We leave core cuts and destructive testing to the discretion of your roofing contractor and the registered roofing consultants.

We pride ourselves in the time and effort spent at staying competitive in the infrared roofing services market. And, we work hard on our estimating services for bid. So please contact us for a free quote in using our infrared roof inspection services.

Here are some of the benefits you receive using Infrared for your roofing survey:
• Infrared allows you to make informed decisions based upon what you can actually ‘see’ regarding   water damage to your roof.
• Any located damage is documented for you in a comprehensive report.
• Wet roofs waste energy and can eventually cause structural problems.
• If requested, a post-inspection survey will verify workmanship quality and validate materials   warranties.
• IR saves you time and money identifying roof replacement locations, if necessary, versus a   complete roof tear out with all of the associated higher new roofing costs.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin – or ‘White Roofs’
These single-ply roofing membranes are the new thing in flat roofing. Demand is increasing for heat reflective and energy efficient roofing systems and TPO, thermoplastic polyolefin, is the hot new product being used. We have a midwave infrared camera to shoot these highly reflective TPO roof surfaces to detect the moisture beneath them. IR scanning of black EPDM membranes (less reflective surfaces) uses a common longwave IR camera and most other IR Consultants won’t have the midwave IR camera, they’re expensive. Give us a call if you have a water problem with a white (TPO) roof, we’ll take a look for you.

IR Residential Roof Surveys

Does your home’s roof leak?
We also provide residential IR roof inspection services. Residential roofs can have flat and sloped roof sections which at times may require our IR services. For those instances we provide these infrared services for you, so give us a call! See the example IR images below.

residential IR roof surveys boston area
residential IR roof surveys metro west area
residential IR roof surveys newton, wellesley ma

Above the image on the left shows heat loss but also identified leak areas around the chimney flashing. The middle image is of a leak area on a roof porch deck. And, the image on the right (white area) shows where water penetration occurs at this roof/wall connection.

Our residential Infrared roofing surveys find the moisture your roof could be absorbing or the water penetrations the roofing system is failing to keep out of your home. Infrared is the most advanced technology you can use for roofing survey applications, and it’s affordable. Infrared is non-destructive, locates your water issues and we can document your problem ‘visually’ showing you where your roof’s moisture or water damage problems are occurring.

“See what you can’t see – with an IR Roofing Survey”

SAWYER INFRARED follows ASTM Designation: C 1153 ‘Standard practice for Location of Wet Insulation in Roofing Systems Using Infrared Imaging’. Visit:


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