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See where your energy costs are going! Is it through the roof, or out the walls?

We offer an exterior view Home Heat Loss Survey in which we’ll scan your home from the outside surveying the exterior walls with infrared, see the three images below. We will give you a whole-house view and also break the house enclosure into smaller sections making it easier to any view problem areas, should they occur, to better show you heat loss specific locations. All of these exterior IR images will be put in a report for you to view. You can also use this report to obtain quotes from insulation contractors as well. View a report example on our Reporting page.

residential IR boston ma

residential IR boston area
residential IR boston

We recognize customers have different needs regarding services and pricing, so we offer an upgrade, if you choose, for your Home Heat Loss Infrared Survey that includes an interior IR scan.

‘Upgrade’ your Home Heat Loss Survey to include an inside IR scan of your home’s exterior enclosure walls, in addition to having the exterior walls scanned from the outside. We’ll add the interior wall enclosure scan to your infrared report and show you your home’s cold air infiltration areas occurring, on the inside, while also showing you the heat loss locations occurring on the outside. This survey ‘upgrade’ gives you a whole-house picture of your home’s insulation issues. We visually map where you can make improvements to your home’s building envelope. See the interior views of the exterior wall enclosure images below. The blue areas indicate missing insulation showing cold spots and drafts.

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The above, top, infrared image was produced from using two IR images ‘stitched’ together with FLIR® Image Builder Software to show a larger area view of an interior wall section.

Use our Residential Heat Loss IR Survey to locate and document missing, damaged or improperly installed insulation. We can visually show your insulation contractor where you need corrections made. Take the guess work of where insulation is needed out of the equation. Infrared will locate exactly where your insulation problems are occurring. You will save money on materials and time spent in completing your home insulation project. All while reducing your home’s energy bill to keep money in your pocket and improving your home’s energy efficiency as well as your home’s personal comfort.

Blower Door Testing is an added service we can provide you, when requested, to maximize the heat loss survey. The Blower Door is used to measure the airtightness of your home by using a powerfully calibrated fan placed in an exterior door opening to draw air from (depressurizing) the interior of the house. The ‘interior air’ is displaced to the outdoors by the blower door fan creating a pressure difference between the inside and outside air. This difference in air pressure, negative inside and positive outside, forces outside air back into the house through leaks and cracks in the building enclosure. A digital pressure gauge with analysis test software is attached to the blower door fan and this calculates the airtightness test results collected from the blower door test data. And, we provide the test results to you showing the airtightness rating of your home with the infrared imagery of the occurring air leakage. You see our results!

Energy Efficiency and Insulation
It is estimated that over 80 million U.S. homes are under-insulated and that there is an immediate need to make our nations homes more energy efficient. One of the most effective ways to reduce your homes energy usage is to make sure your home is properly insulated. A properly insulated home can help save you up to 20 percent on heating and cooling energy costs per year. If your home is over 15 years old it probably needs more insulation.

Infrared is the high-technology tool that ‘visually’ shows you whether your home is properly or badly insulated. It’s cost effective, quick, non-invasive and provides you with documented ‘visual proof’ of your home’s existing insulation condition. Call us for a free quote on an Infrared Survey of your home’s Insulation Efficiency. It’s money in your pocket!
Contact Us for a free Heat Loss quote.

Residential Moisture Detection
Water – moisture and leak detection can also be detected with IR and added to your residential survey. Water issues can occur anywhere in the home and Infrared is the perfect technology tool to use to locate and document moisture. We verify water issues with moisture meter readings that we also record on your report. See our Moisture Detection page for additional information.

Electrical & Mechanical
Electrical Panels and HVAC Systems are two components found in the home that you should have scanned with infrared. IR can alert you to possible fire hazards as well as failures noticed in the units during the survey. Visit our IR Electrical Survey and Reporting page for more information.

Structural Issues
Structural features and possible problems associated with them can be seen with infrared. Grout patterns in block wall construction, improper framing, defects in façade’s (stucco, brick) are examples of some structural situation that may be encountered with IR.

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residential IR natick ma
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Block Wall
Stucco Issues (Yellow)

Radiant Heating
Technology and comfort has caught up to the residential housing market with radiant heat systems becoming popular home features. From flooring, wall and ceiling radiant systems inside the home to walkway and driveway systems found outside. Whether electric or fluid systems are used Infrared is perfect for diagnosing radiant problems because IR is all about heat!

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Driveway Radiant Heat
Flooring Radiant Heat
Bathroom Ceiling Radiant

We can also vary your Residential IR Survey with customized imagery to enhance and structure your survey to specific needs. Two examples would be found below with a palette variation image found on the left which you may want for an advertising or promotional campaign. The IR image below right is a ‘stitched’ view using two images to give a larger more comprehensive analysis of a home. These images can be left as is to show it’s been stitched or cropped to provide a more finished look.

residential IR wellesley ma
residential IR dover ma
Palette Variation
Stitched View

“See what you can’t see – with a Residential IR Survey!”

Leak detection services can also be added to this infrared service to give the homeowner a more thorough Infrared Survey of their home’s existing condition.

Sawyer Infrared follows ASTM Designation: C 1060 ‘Standard Practice for Thermographic Inspection of Insulation Installations in Envelope Cavities of Frame Buildings’

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