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infrared inspections boston area
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Sawyer Infrared is a Boston-based Infrared Inspection Service and Optical Gas Imaging Consulting Company. We specialize in using state-of-the-art high resolution Infrared camera technology from FLIR Systems ® to provide you with superior imaging quality to accurately evaluate your thermal situation. We use a 640x480 resolution T660 FLIR® IR camera, the ‘IR Industries Best’, in conjunction with sophisticated reporting software, Tools+, also from FLIR® to give you the best reporting product available in today’s infrared services market. The T660 Camera with Tools+ allows us to do that and we show you what you normally can’t see – in Infrared!
In our Gas Imaging Services we survey natural gas and hydrocarbon vapor leaks using a FLIR ® IR gas camera which allows for the detection of these volatile organic compounds, or voc gases. This survey is provided with a professionally prepared video report utilizing high quality editing software.
We own the best IR cameras, from FLIR Systems®, with the best commercial infrared industry imaging resolution of 640x480. We use the best IR imagery processing reporting software, TOOLS+ also from FLIR Systems®. And, with thirty years of image interpretation experience and infrared training we are professionally positioned to give you a quality solution for your thermal situation.
For Infrared Inspection Services and Optical Gas Imaging you’ve come to the right place!

Dave Sawyer - ITC Level 3 TIR, BST, OGI, TWIC Compliant


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Congrats to Jay Bowen at Bowen Infrared,

Jay I met at the ITC many, many years ago! Jay just started Bowen Infrared out of Green Bay, WI doing IR Inspections, Consulting and Training. Jay was an ITC Instructor and he will be missed by the many who took his classes. I’ve been to many InfraMation Conferences with Jay and he knows his Infrared! Check out his new website. Best to you Jay, and welcome back to the consulting side, Congratulations!

Congrats to Wes Crawford at Infrared Texas,

I first met Wes on a vapor project I worked when he was with ExxonMobil. Wes recently retired from Exxon and has started his own IR Inspection Services Company. They do optical gas imaging, electrical, mechanical and building inspections. Check out his website. I wish the best to you on your new venture Wes, Congratulations!

Gas smells…??

If you smell gas in or near your home or in the neighborhood you live, and if you live in the metro Boston area give me a call. I’ll scan the suspected area with my gas camera and if I find VOC vapors I’ll give you a video to show your gas company so that you can work on getting the gas leak issue corrected. I’ve had great success with this. And, check out and my You Tube Channel for additional info and video on gas leak related issues. It’s a good site.

DSLR Pros – An Air Disaster!

I recently had a bad experience with DSLR Pros on an IR drone build. My bad! DSLR Pros were bought out last November because of financial trouble. See where I’m going with this? If you go to the DSLR Pros Facebook Page the new company president will give you a story book explanation as to how they saved DSLR Pros and Tayzu, a spin off entity, and their “loyal customers” by buying DSLR Pros from the old owner, a Don Scott. Remember, DSLR Pros is now a ‘new’ company with the same name. The DSLR Pros Facebook Page states the new owner of the new DSLR Pros, a Mike Zaya, is “refunding as many loyal customers as he could and that they have reached out to hundreds of customers, contacting people non-stop to send them their refunds.” Well, that’s just not truthful, not at all. The Facebook article is probably an actual account of events that occurred in the business resale timeline, but don’t buy the hype as far as the explanation of how wonderful DSLR Pros is now and that they are trying to do the right thing by people who purchased the old DSLR Pros drone build product. They’re not, I know. I just want those in the drone environment out there to know DSLR Pros have swindled a lot of good people the last quarter of 2015 who trusted the company would deliver on their drone build sales contracts. So, if DSLR Pros has burned you, email me. I’ll share more of what I know and can answer your drone questions. My recommendation is to stay away from DSLR Pros and the Tayzu brand.

IR Applications

optical gas imaging for gas leaks boston ma
optical gas imaging for gas leaks boston ma
optical gas imaging for gas leaks boston ma
optical gas imaging for gas leaks boston ma
optical gas imaging for gas leaks boston ma
optical gas imaging for gas leaks boston ma

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