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Sawyer Infrared is your Boston-based Infrared Inspection and Optical Gas Imaging Services Company. We specialize in using high resolution Infrared camera technology from FLIR Systems ® in conjunction with sophisticated IR reporting software Tools+, also from FLIR®, to give you the best scanning and reporting product available in today’s infrared services market. We show you what you normally can’t see – in Infrared!
With our Optical Gas Imaging Camera we scan for VOC (volatile organic compounds) gases which are invisible to the naked eye but are seen visually with the IR Camera. This gas leak survey is provided with a professionally prepared video report utilizing quality editing software.
We own the best IR cameras and we use the best IR imagery reporting software TOOLS+, all from FLIR Systems®. And, with our sixteen years of experience in performing Infrared Surveys we are professionally positioned to give you the quality infrared information you need for your thermal application. For Infrared Inspection Services and Optical Gas Imaging Services you have come to the right place!
ITC Level 3 TIR, BST, OGI, TWIC Compliant

Dave Sawyer

Water and Leak Detection

Water damage and leak detection come in two categories, ‘easy ones’, and ‘the not so easy ones’! Most are straight forward though. We locate the water issue and document it with the infrared camera, a corrective action is recommended and you receive a report that includes the IR images. For some strange reasons people fall short on following the recommendations of the survey. Either the client’s contractor chooses to follow a different direction or the client follows through on just a part of the correction action. So follow through on the recommendations and use a contractor that will as well. That’s the biggest problem we find is that of properly following where you need to make repairs to stop your water issues. Here’s a look at an easy one.
A Boston condo has a water issue on a wall at a window unit and alongside of a fireplace chase. Is it a window or a fireplace problem?

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It was both. The window badly needed re-caulking. The roof of this chimney was the only one not made of sheet metal. At some time it had been replaced with a material that was absorbing water and leaking through. The property management company did correctly fix this issue.
A not so easy one was not really that hard but not as easy to identify without the IR camera. An older home had water that came in to the kitchen via a plumbing chase (wall vent pipe). It was assumed the issue occurred from the roof at the vent pipe roof connection.

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Some water issues are not what they seem and some require more time, effort and destructive testing to determine the origin of the issue. There was more to this than these two images including wet wall inside issues and other exteriors areas also having exterior wall problems. Water got inside the walls here causing the kitchen water problem. That’s water for you! Check out the Shop Page for approximate water and leak pricing, please call for a more accurate quote.

Residential Gas Leak Issues?

We provide a vapor leak survey for your home’s gas service equipment. We also do commercial gas surveys as well as VOC gas leak compliance surveys for the gas and petroleum industries. But, as to residential work if you smell gas, just suspect there’s a problem, or you just want a survey for peace of mind give us a call. We record it and provide a video report. Look at for great information relative to gas leak occurrences, gas legislation and regulations, and for general gas issue information. It’ll surprise you!

Thank you for visiting and enjoy the website. Dave.


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