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Sawyer Infrared is a Boston-based Infrared Inspection Service and Optical Gas Imaging Consulting Company. We specialize in using state-of-the-art high resolution Infrared camera technology from FLIR Systems ® to provide you with superior imaging quality to accurately evaluate your thermal situation. We use a 640x480 resolution T660 FLIR® IR camera, the ‘IR Industries Best’, in conjunction with sophisticated reporting software, Tools+, also from FLIR® to give you the best reporting product available in today’s infrared services market. The T660 Camera with Tools+ allows us to do that and we show you what you normally can’t see – in Infrared!
In our Gas Imaging Services we survey natural gas and hydrocarbon vapor leaks using a FLIR ® IR gas camera which allows for the detection of these volatile organic compounds, or voc gases. This survey is provided with a professionally prepared video report utilizing high quality editing software.
We own the best IR cameras, from FLIR Systems®, with the best commercial infrared industry imaging resolution of 640x480. We use the best IR imagery processing reporting software, TOOLS+ also from FLIR Systems®. And, with thirty years of image interpretation experience and infrared training we are professionally positioned to give you a quality solution for your thermal situation.
For Infrared Inspection Services and Optical Gas Imaging you’ve come to the right place!

Dave Sawyer - ITC Level 3 TIR, BST, OGI, TWIC Compliant

Gas Vapor Leak

A gas vapor leak from the underground gas line in the city street is escaping through the storm drain. There is a heavy gas smell on this street in Wakefield and a complaint from a resident living on the street brought about this Optical Gas Imaging Survey to be performed. The gas smell is strong along half of the streets length, when I was there, and numerous complaints and requests by the complainant to the gas company to have the gas leak issue corrected have resulted in no action by the gas company. If the gas leak were in their neighborhood the issue would more than likely have been corrected. What are they waiting for…something bad to happen? If you have a gas smell in your neighborhood please shoot me an email and tell me about it, or give me a call. There is no charge. To view more information on the gas leak problems on the streets of America go to and learn more.

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A New Company Camera… Flir’s® T660

I've added a new FLIR Camera to the company inventory to provide improved IR Imaging Services to our clients. I consider FLIR's T660 camera to be their best commercial use product. With its high image resolution of 640x480 and unmatched with thermal imaging choices, UltraMax imagery provides four times image improvement for finer detail and accuracy, MSX imagery etches key visible details onto the IR image, and thermal picture in a picture combines the thermal image and digital picture for another visual view. A compass and GPS embedding feature, optional palette choices and compact sequencing video round out key camera functions. This IR cam has everything! And, with Tools+ software our client's receive unsurpassed infrared imagery processing and reporting features available here for today’s infrared services market. Check it out at, the T660.

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InfraMation 2015 - LIVE from Nashville!

inframation conference nashville tn 2015

Inframation 2015 was a success! Click Here to read all about it!

IR Applications

optical gas imaging for gas leaks boston ma
optical gas imaging for gas leaks boston ma
optical gas imaging for gas leaks boston ma
optical gas imaging for gas leaks boston ma
optical gas imaging for gas leaks boston ma
optical gas imaging for gas leaks boston ma

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