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Welcome to Sawyer Infrared!

Sawyer Infrared is your Boston-based Infrared Inspection and Optical Gas Imaging Services Company. We use the best Infrared Camera Technology from FLIR Systems ® in conjunction with sophisticated IR reporting software giving you the best scanning and reporting product available in today’s Infrared services market. We show you what you normally can’t see – in Infrared! With our Optical Gas Imaging Camera we also scan for VOC (volatile organic compounds), as well as offering Aerial IR Drone Services.

Video Scanning of pipes, ducts and plenums are offered using video imaging technology from Wohler. And, Ultrasound Scanning Services using detection equipment from UE Systems has also been added. With our over seventeen years of business experience performing Infrared Surveys we are professionally positioned to give you the quality infrared information you need for your thermal application. For Infrared Inspection Services, Optical Gas Imaging, Drone IR Services, Video Scanning and scanning services using Ultrasound Technology you have come to the right place!

We accept payments online for Infrared, Video and Ultrasound Services. Payment link available on those pages.

Dave Sawyer
ITC Level 3 TIR, CBST, OGI, TWIC Compliant

The ALAMO! ...minus John Wayne

San Antonio, a great town and a great Infrared Conference held by United Infrared! The weather was perfect, because it's October, and a Boston guy can survive the heat in the fall season in Texas. I don’t think the Texas and Atlanta sports fans appreciated the Pat’s hat though. Going through Atlanta I did receive some comments about my choice of hat wear. Haha!

the alamo san antonio texas

the alamo in infrared

Other than a wicked awesome time (shows I’m not from Texas), I did get a lot accomplished. I’ve changed up the webpage, improved my Google listing, I made affiliations with United IR, Infraspection Institute, UE Systems, Wohler and I bought some new equipment. It was a win. I saw some old friends, Dr Bob and Scott Wood, and made some new ones while attending the conference venues. The new equipment will add complimentary services to the existing Infrared Services we offer. Ultrasonic detection equipment from UE Systems, a 9000 RK, will start us off performing compressed air leak survey’s as we’ve had requests for these services. We’ll then transition to doing mechanical, electrical, steam and valve surveys as time moves on. Also I had to go to Texas to find a company that’s located in Danver’s Mass, 10 minutes from me, to find Wohler USA. We purchased video inspection equipment, a VIS 350+ and a fancy endoscope which mates with my fancy cell phone (who thinks of these things), which we’ll use for further inspections of areas we can’t get to without destructive test methods. Closed plenums, ducts, pipes, sewers, other enclosed spaces are now accessible for viewing and video documentation. We get lots of requests for these services as well, and some of these particular applications with respect to water and leak detection will help to enhance our Infrared Reports and to verify their findings.
So I’m excited over the opportunities and additional complementary services that we’ll be able to provide our present clients, and to ‘wow’ new clients. The website is changing, you’ll see bolder IR images and new content. From Infraspection Institute we’ll put their product line for purchase online as well. And, I’ve wanted to add merchant services for the longest time and I’m now getting around to it for those wishing to pay on-line. Conferences always get me to make changes but this one from United Infrared in particular has prompted more changes than usual, and more are coming. Which… means it must have been one great Infrared Conference!

Hope you enjoy the site changes.

Residential Gas Leak Issues?

We provide a vapor leak survey for your home’s gas service equipment. We also do commercial gas surveys as well as VOC gas leak compliance surveys for the gas and petroleum industries. But, as to residential work if you smell gas, just suspect there’s a problem, or you just want a survey for peace of mind give us a call. We record it and provide a video report. Look at for great information relative to gas leak occurrences, gas legislation and regulations, and for general gas issue information. It’ll surprise you!


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