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SAWYER INFRARED uses FLIR Systems® Si124 Acoustic Imaging Camera Technology to locate air leaks from pressurized air systems and Partial Discharge (PD) from high-voltage electrical systems safely, quickly, and accurately.

The Flir Si124 Acoustic Imaging Camera senses, displays and records sound waves to produce a precise image. The image is overlaid onto a digital image where the camera operator can determine if and where a problem (leak) occurs and provide you the location of it. An easy-to-read report showing the problem locations, with the acoustic image, is provided with this service.

Pressurized Air Leaks

compressed air leaks

A compressed air leak as seen by the Acoustic Imager.

One of the primary uses of the FLIR® Acoustic Imaging Camera is for detecting compressed air leaks. Loss of compressed air in factory equipment is your companies most expensive energy loss in money and in equipment inefficiencies. This imaging service we offer finds the undetected air leaks which can be very difficult to detect by the human ear or touch. This is particularly true in manufacturing environments where hearing protection is required. I solve your air leak problem visually pinpointing the exact source of the leak instantaneously, especially in hard to get to locations.

(PD) Partial Discharge, High-Voltage Electrical Systems

acoustic imaging high-volatage electrical systems boston area

An Electrical Substation (PD) Partial Discharge

The other primary use of the FLIR® Acoustic Imaging Camera is for use at high-voltage electrical systems. Electric current is constantly looking for an escape route, be it from a crack, a tiny pinhole, or in aging equipment. This survey can see the electric current escape routes preventing any catastrophic failure to high-voltage equipment, and it prevents the unplanned company downtime created from such a failure. This survey removes the unsafe environment created from having these partial discharge (PD) leak situations. I provide you with improved efficiency to the operation of your facility while also providing a safe working environment for your workers. Acoustic Imaging is a
win-win situation for you.

acoustic imaging boston area
acoustic imaging boston area

You can see the Partial Discharge (PD)

“See what you can’t see – with Acoustic Imaging Technology!”

Dave Sawyer


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