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We offer Infrared Video services with our FLIR T-660 infrared camera and with our FLIR GF-320 Gas Imaging Infrared Camera and they can be used on the Infrared Applications seen on the website. The video services that are promoted on this page however are primarily for viewing waste water lines of 2” diameter and larger, house connections up to 8” in diameter, flue gas systems of 2” diameter and larger, ventilation lines of ventilation systems and where we primarily use our this visual inspection camera on false ceilings, hollow spaces, shafts and crawlspaces.

sawyer infrared video services boston ma

The primary equipment we use for this are cabled video with cameras to see and videotape in those closed places you can’t get at easily, let alone see what’s going on. We use a WOHLER® VIS 350 PLUS visual inspection camera to perform these inspection services. It is a cabled camera system, with a pan and tilt lens with a wide viewing angle, providing high-definition live images on an LCD color monitor. You can see and record the observable damages clearer and faster. Giving you a better inspection.

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Figure 1. Wohler VIS
350 PLUS

Figure 2. Camera Head
Figure 3. LCD Monitor

“See what you can’t see – with our Wohler Inspection Camera System!”


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