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Elevated Temperature Screening

Screen employees, contractors, and customers. Fast and automated, meets FDA guidelines, ensures social distancing, easy to use and affordable, a non-contact process using Infrared Technology.

You can use Temperature Screening for all sizes and types of businesses, in hotels and restaurants, at factories, warehouses, for healthcare businesses, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, daycare, gyms, sports complexes, at function and entertainment venues

We provide you with a professional, accurate and affordable temperature screening process using Infrared Technology from Seek Thermal, and made in the USA.

The Infrared System we’ll use measures your facial skin temperature with an Infrared Camera using a fixed heat source for accuracy with the camera software determining your body temperature reading. A laptop displays this reading along with a pass/fail alert, or just an audible tone for pass/fail can be used. The audible tones feature provides a sense of privacy and has been the most popular method for screening. A normal body temperature reading shows a pass display with a beep sound telling you a person is safe and healthy to enter your building. An elevated body temperature reading of a person will display a fail alert with a subdued buzzer sound notifying you that person should not be allowed to enter your building beyond screening. A posting of your business’s SOP, Standard Operating Procedure for Elevated Temperature Screening would explain the procedure taken for a finding of an elevated temperature reading for an individual. The SOP is something we will help you with. A secondary positive screening would be necessary before that person could mix socially with others in the building. This temperature screening of your business’s employees and customers will give them piece of mind in knowing the people using your building have been screened as safe and healthy.

This Infrared product meets FDA guidelines published in April,2020 and requires an infrared temperature system to use a reference heat source for accuracy and for the system to measures one subject’s temperature at a time. This screening system does that. One person at a time scanning is highly accurate taking seconds with no personal contact necessary. One person can be used to verify the computer’s findings or it can be used to self-verify depending upon your business and situation. It’s as easy as turning the system on and verifying a person’s temperature as observed, or in just using the audible option which is popular, or a combination of both.

This diagram shows you how the Elevated Temperature Screening System would look. The screening location will depend upon your building’s layout and we help you with the system’s set up.

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We will provide you with the Infrared camera and fixed heat source, a laptop, and stands for the laptop, camera and heat source if not wall mounted. We help you draft your SOP and depending on your business policy archived results can be saved. A customized system set up is also considered for your location for ease of use. We help you locate your screening area and to set up the scanning equipment. We install the body temperature software and we show you the system’s operation. It’s easy to use and no additional training is necessary. Participants in your business just walk by the camera, stop for a second, and they’re done. We also provide you the service necessary to keep you comfortable when you first begin using the Elevated Temperature Screening System. Optional servicing will also be made available for you.

I have been researching skin/body temperature scanning for a while now since the start of the Covid issue. This Infrared System from Seek®, I feel, having been an Infrared Consultant these past 20 years, is the best option for businesses to use in moving forward with their businesses reopening. To build customer trust and in satisfying State and Local Government mandates on the virus. The Elevated Temperature Scanning System offered here is very affordable, as well as accurate and professional. It’s going to be tough to build your business back up after this long shutdown. This Elevated Temperature Screening System will give your customers a psychological advantage in knowing that they’re safe, and they are. The regulatory mandating of your business’s phase openings won’t be easy for you but your customers will be impressed that you use an advanced technology (Infrared) in helping keep everyone safe and healthy.

Sawyer Infrared is here for you! We’re here to get your business back up and running safely and for everyone’s good health. This Infrared System I’ve shown you is very affordable and in my expert opinion the best affordable option for you. I’m excited for you to try this temperature screening method! Generate some talk for your business and in the community that you use an Infrared Elevated Temperature Screening System to keep your customer’s and employee’s safe. Call me for a demonstration and Pricing.

Phone: (978) 578-0641

Use INFRARED Technology for Elevated Temperature Screening!

This IR Camera System meets FDA guidelines for initial body temperature assessment during the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency.
Manufactured in the USA.


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