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Vapor Detection and Reporting, also called Gas Leak Surveys

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At SAWYER INFRARED we use a FLIR Systems® GF-320 Infrared Camera for detecting volatile organic compounds (gas vapors). A video report is provided in a ppt format and we have been TWIC Compliant since 2010. We use FLIR’s Infrared Gas Camera Technology to locate hydrocarbon and natural gas vapor leaks safely, quickly, and accurately. These volatile organic compounds (VOC) or greenhouse gases when released into the air are harmful to the environment, and to people. Vapor detection increases the efficiency of facilities utilizing Optical Gas Imaging and provides documented data for mandatory gas reporting regulations.

We ‘visually’ show you where vapor leaks occur…accurately. And, we can document them for you in a customized video report, or as a still image. This allows you to determine effective cost repair strategies. You have a documented video report for repair actions and, if necessary regulatory compliance.

You also increase profits by locating and eliminating vapor emissions and maintaining regulatory mandates. IR scanning for vapors also reduces employee exposure to hazardous work environments.
We provide full-facility vapor detection and video reporting for your company to comply with Subpart-W of the EPA’s Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule*.

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Flir GF 320 Camera
Figure 1. GF-320 Gas Camera

Below are the places you will find Gas Imaging Services used:

Petroleum Distribution Facilities
Currently we provide vapor detection and reporting services for major petroleum companies at tanker truck loading operations, for vapor recovery systems, at product storage tanks, and for regulatory compliance issues.

LNG Facilities
We scan for vapors at natural gas storage facilities in New England and N.Y. on boil off compressors, venting, metering areas, distribution lines and controls, tank pump outs, truck stations, LNG storage tanks, and vaporizers. And, we provide regulatory compliance surveys with a video report.

Environmental Services and Testing Companies
For Environmental Companies performing Method-21 surveys OGI will speed up your surveys by showing you where the vapor leaks are located to measure the ppm concentration while also providing you a video of the vapors. With vapor recovery source testing, as with gas distribution facility loading racks, we survey the trucks, loading racks, valves and piping to ensure no vapor leaks occur in the tested system. If you need vapor detection call us, ask what our gas imaging can do for you.

Chemical Process Manufacturing Companies
At chemical process manufacturers like coaters and printers we scan direct fired gas ovens for gas loss efficiency surveys. We survey regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) used in the industry for the treatment of exhaust air (VOC’s) for regulation compliance. Examples of manufacturing companies that benefit using gas imaging are bakeries, labelers, printers, coaters, paint process, paper mills and other chemical process companies using RTOs for the destruction of VOC emissions.

Other OGI Services
We also provide vapor scanning services for commercial buildings, condo associations and residential clients. For cities and towns we can scan manholes and sewer drains to detect vapors that should not normally be there.

Example of Video Image taken from a .ppt format file:

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Vapor leak (arrow) at vapor recovery line connection.

Example of a Report Video Page:

optical gas imaging services boston ma

See a SAMPLE OPTICAL GAS IMAGING REPORT. This is an older version report. The newer reports have a new logo and improved graphics.

A Great Offer from SAWYER INFRARED
I have an offer for residential homeowners and apartment building owners that use natural gas in Eastern Massachusetts. If you feel for any reason that your gas provider can’t find a gas leak in your neighborhood or home, and if it worries you…Call Us! We’ll take a look! And, if we find a leak we’ll let you and the gas company know what we find. It’s a low fee service we offer after reviewing your request’s validity.

***Read this article about Gas Leak Explosions

Visit our YouTube page for Gas Leak videos…

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Tank Levels
A Full Tank

“See what you can’t see – with Optical Gas Imaging!”

For more information on the EPA’s Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule effective Dec. 31, 2010 go to the link below for Subpart W (Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems)


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