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Sawyer Infrared
Infrared Services, Optical Gas Imaging, and a 'new service'... Acoustic Imaging

Sawyer Infrared is your Boston-based Infrared Inspection and Optical Gas Imaging Services Company. And, we’re introducing a new service… Acoustic Imaging! For air leak detection locating pressurized air leaks in compressed air systems, and in seeing (PD) Partial Discharges from high-voltage electrical systems. Sound waves are recorded and displayed to show where to correct your air leak or voltage discharges.

I specialize in using high-resolution Infrared camera technology, Optical Gas Imaging technology, and now Acoustic Imaging technology, from FLIR Systems®, in conjunction with sophisticated IR reporting software, Tools+. Also, from FLIR®. This allows you to receive the best Infrared scanning and reporting available in today’s Infrared services market. We use a 640x320 resolution camera for water detection, electrical surveys, building surveys and for Optical Gas Imaging. We show you what you normally can’t see – in Infrared!

With our Optical Gas Imaging Camera we scan for VOC (volatile organic compounds) gases which are invisible to the naked eye but are seen visually with the IR Camera. This gas leak survey is provided with a professionally prepared video report utilizing quality editing software.

We own the best IR cameras, FLIR’s T-660, a FLIR GF320, the Acoustic Imaging Si124, and many more FLIR products. We use the best IR imagery reporting software TOOLS+, again from FLIR Systems®. This year marks over 22 years of experience in offering professional Infrared Consulting Services, 39 years total counting academic time before offering these services to clients. So, if you need Infrared Services… I’m the one to call!

ITC Level III CIT, CBST, OGI, TWIC Compliant
ITC Certified for Infrared Body Temperature Screening
ITC Certified Acoustic Imaging

Certifications mean, a Certified Level 3 Infrared Thermographer (CIT level 3),
Optical Gas Imaging Certified (OGI), Transportation Workers Identification Card carrier
(TWIC Compliant)

Check out our Infrared Videos on YouTube!

Sawyer Infrared Videos on YouTube!

Acoustic Imaging Services... (Click Here)

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Sawyer Infrared Featured on Boston 25 News!

We were featured on Boston 25 News regarding the gas explosions in Merrimack Valley.

Sawyer Infrared on Fox 25 News Boston | Merrimack Valley Explosions, Gas Leak

More on Gas Leaks. Read on… USA Today Article

Residential Gas Leak Issues?

We provide a vapor leak survey for your home’s gas service equipment. We also do commercial gas surveys as well as VOC gas leak compliance surveys for the gas and petroleum industries. But, pertaining to residential gas issues, if you smell gas, or suspect it, I can record it and provide a video report. Give me a call.


VUZIX for Mobility, for my Safety Glasses, Reading, and Recording… I am going to attempt to make some videos section clips of my Infrared foray’s and see what happens. I’ll show some on the website or You-Tube. It’s tough in real time to hold two cameras, guess I could have tried an attached Go-Pro. But, I’ll try the Vuzix. I had an optics friend make a perscription mount lens for the glasses front allowing me to see upclose print (which happens) and I’ll practice with the recording part of the glasses to eventually make some Infrared video clips. The Infrared Cam, Gas Cam and Acoustics Cam show unique images at times and the glasses should pick that up showing you some interesting imaging shots! Let’s see how it works out? The Vuzix Blade seems like a good fit for this project although I was a little disappointed, as an optics company, they couldn’t accommodate my eye prescription request, especially when I didn’t have too much trouble finding a solution on my own. Oh well. Stay tuned as I will be working on getting some clips together.

Vuzix infrared safety glasses
Vuzix infrared safety glasses

They’re not real fashionable, but work great! Outside optics cut short on the side to allow for camera lens.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy the site!

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“See what you can’t see!” – in INFRARED

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Dave Sawyer: Certified Infrared Thermographer, Boston Building Inspector

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